5 Ways to Increase Your Average Diner Spend

Increasing your average spend per diner is the fastest way to send extra dollars straight to the bottom line. But HOW? I hear you say: Easier said than done, I know.

1. Cool Combos

Take the thinking out of the menu choices for your stressed and hurried customers – they will grab the best and easiest options.

Think Cake and Coffee (tried and trusted but hey it works), Muesli and Smoothie for the health conscious, or design value-for-money family deals.

2. Make it a little bit special

Take advantage of seasonal themes and holidays. Holiday mode changes people’s priorities. You won’t believe how many won’t be able to resist your Christmas Spiced Rum Latte – at a higher price of course!

3. Train your servers to upsell

Offer a dash of caramel syrup, marshies or double bacon – For only 50c. Not much, but remember most of it heads straight to the bottom line.

4. Grab & Go

Strategically locate convenient prepackaged items around your cafe for diners that want to take something for hungry o’clock. Payment counters or enroute to the exit are perfect spots to position your prepackaged snacks.

5. Gift it

If you have a signature item that can be packaged – box it as a gift. Again, use themes from holidays and events which will appeal to those in the spirit of giving. Think Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas and Valentines Day. And by the way, who can’t resist iced gingerbread men even if they are $16.30?

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