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Michaela Mellick

Chief Operating Officer

As the CEO of Advantaged Care, I have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Veridia. Their commitment to servicing our sites means that my team can rest assured that their compliance and operational needs in the hygiene space are fulfilled.

"My team can rest assured…"

The Challenge 

Hygiene supplies and maintenance are often an overlooked component within any public facility. When they’re in supply and work well, they’re barely noticed. However, if supply is interrupted or maintenance fails, the facility’s operations are hampered almost immediately. Customer experience is immediately affected, staff time needs to be diverted to sourcing, and risks of non compliance loom. 

In times of crisis, reliability and security is the key to operational excellence. For front-line health providers, it’s even more vital than ever. That’s why Advantaged Care chose to partner with Veridia for their hygiene systems. 

The Solution 

Veridia removed the burden of procurement in the hygiene category through the service and supply of key items including cleaning chemicals, washroom suppliers, hand care, and clinical consumables. 

The complete service package includes a proactive maintenance program, tailored last mile delivery, education programs for the staff at Advantaged Care, and regulatory compliance support. 

More importantly, Michaela and her team have the assurance of a strong supply chain for a category critical to operational continuity. 

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