Battle of the cleaning equipment supplies: Floor scrubber versus mop and bucket

Cleaning equipment supplies comparison

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The trusty mop and bucket has been used to clean hard floors for many decades. And despite the hygiene industry embracing new technology in other areas, the mop is still estimated to be the go-to method for ~70% of surface cleaning! There are two critical reasons old school cleaning equipment supplies like these live on.

Despite the obvious downsides of a mop and bucket – for example they are slow, exhausting and reuse dirty water with a dirt removal rate as low as 30% – there are two important reasons that the mop and bucket remains popular:

  1. They are small and manoeuvrable enough to get into small spaces and corners
  2. They are often all that is available in the supplies room

In the past, bulky conventional walk-behind floor scrubbers have only been practical for cleaning vast open spaces like warehouses, shopping centres and clear hallways, which left the mop to slop around smaller areas. 

Good enough no longer good enough with cleaning equipment supplies

In the past, some industries made do with a quick mop at the end of the day to make things look clean and tidy. But in today’s age of COVID-19 infection control, strict compliance regulations, Aged Care Royal Commissions, high staff turnover and tightening budgets, facilities managers have a lot more to think about than in years gone by. 

Using the right hygiene equipment can prevent infections passing amongst residents, medical staff and visitors. Providing a clean environment not only helps ensure safety, it minimises the risk of any compliance breaches that can lead to questions around meeting accreditation and quality standards and raise doubts about future viability.

So, is it time to rethink the mop and bucket? We think so.

New times demand new solutions

At Veridia, we’re on a mission to give our customers more time to do the things that matter most – like caring for the visitors, residents, patients and staff. 

That’s why we are so pleased to introduce you to the i-mop floor scrubber in partnership with i-team Global. The first of its kind, it’s an automated floor scrubber machine that finally combines the flexibility and manoeuvrability of a mop, with the deep cleaning power and speed of industrial scrubber driers.

This innovative hygiene equipment combines ergonomic design with performance and makes it possible to clean any surface, with full freedom of movement to get right to the edges and into the corners. This machine isn’t just designed for cleaning, it’s designed for the cleaner.

By matching the effectiveness of a scrubber with the flexibility of the mop and bucket, it makes achieving the ‘new normal’ standards in hygiene safety easier for you and your team. 

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Cleaning equipment supplies comparison

5 advantages of an i-mop floor scrubber over a mop

  1. SPEED: Cleans faster, lowers labor costs

The i-mop cleans up to 70% faster than conventional mops and up to 30% faster than conventional auto scrubbing which can’t reach the small or obstructed spaces needed to complete the clean. With a compact and flexible head that gets right to the edges and under obstacles, the i-mop virtually eliminates the extra mopping up that is needed when using conventional bulky scrubbing machines.

  1. HYGIENE: The difference is easy to see

ATP testing shows i-mop’s twin counter-rotating brushes deep scrub for 90% cleaner surfaces compared to conventional mopping. Modular HACCP colour coded accessories help prevent cross contamination in hygiene-critical areas.

  1. SAFE: Dry floors reduce slip hazards

Wet mopping with dirty water and slippery floors is a thing of the past. Advanced suction technology extracts virtually all of the liquids, leaving floors dry almost immediately.

  1. GREEN: Do your part for our environment

The powerful mechanical action and advanced solution recovery use a fraction of the water and chemicals of traditional methods, reducing environmental impact by over 75%!

  1. EFFECTIVE: Enhanced experience for everyone

Makes life more productive for the operator, more efficient for the building manager, and cleaner and healthier for occupants.

Case study: How ditching the mop and bucket can save $6,094 per year

As an example, we calculated an annual labour and chemical saving of $6,094 when using the i-mop floor scrubber, compared to traditional cleaning equipment supplies, for a facility cleaning 400m2 each week day. 

Cleaning equipment supplies comparison

Spaghetti mop & bucket = 260 hours

Flat mop (pre-treated) = 144 hours 

i.mop XL floor scrubber = 64 hours

These calculations have the following assumptions.

  • 400 m2 cleaned
  • 5 times cleaned per week
  • Labour cost: $30 per hour
  • Chemical dilution rate: 1 : 100 (mL chemical : mL water)
  • Cost of chemical (undiluted): $5 per litre

If you’d like to run through the potential benefits and cost savings of upgrading hygiene equipment at your facility, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help. But of course, it’s not just about money.

Deep cleans can save lives and livelihoods

Today in every professional environment – particularly those housing unwell or vulnerable people – there is no room for compromise when it comes to maintaining the highest standards of deep down cleanliness to reduce the risk of infections and contaminations.

With the i-mop, the combination of 22kg of brush pressure, 350 RPM brush rotation speed and enhanced fluid and waste management makes for a deeper and more hygienic clean. 

As measured by objectively quantifiable ATP testing, i-mop creates surfaces that are 90% cleaner compared to those maintained with the traditional mop and bucket.

With the right cleaning equipment supplies, you can be sure that your facility is deep down clean from the back of house and kitchens to accommodation and common areas.

The power of an auto scrubber…the agility of a mop

“Instead of my staff getting a mop and then spending an hour to do a job,
by using an i-mop and spending only 10 minutes, they can use the time saved for something else.”

Back of House Manager, Hilton London Metropole

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