Commercial Floor Scrubbers:
i-mop vs Kärcher
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In this article, we will compare the scrubber dryers from these two companies, in terms of features, benefits, and reviews.

When it comes to commercial cleaning equipment, floor scrubbers can be a tricky yet useful purchase for aged care businesses. They are high ticket items in high demand due to how quickly and thoroughly they are able to clean large surface areas. 

However, you might wonder if it’s really worth the investment to pay for an expensive machine. After all, there is always the conventional mop, which costs far less and may technically be easier for an employee to use. 

However, a hand mop doesn’t remove as much grime and bacteria as a scrubber dryer can, plus they take quite a bit more time – and when time is money that can be time spent elsewhere. 

Industrial scrubbers exist to handle large expanses of flooring where hygiene is critical, such as in hospitals and aged care, and there are a few popular options on the market to choose from. 

So which commercial floor scrubber does Veridia recommend?

If you are wondering which is the best commercial floor scrubber, the two brands that consistently rise to the top are i-mop and Kärcher. 

In this article, we will compare the scrubber dryers from these two companies, in terms of features, benefits, and reviews.

While shopping for commercial floor cleaning machines, try to keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better, it really just comes down to what you need most. 

For instance, the floors you’re working with might not require a machine the size of a small tractor. While those bulky machines are great for shopping centres and warehouse-sized jobs, they don’t allow for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces or around fixtures and furniture in your facility. Likewise, very compact models might work for the home or office but you’ll need something a little more heavy duty to stand up to the rigours of cleaning your aged care facility

At the top end of the scale, ride-on commercial floor scrubbers can be upwards of $90,000 in price. This is a sizeable investment, but a machine of this size may be necessary if you are running a facility with an extensive amount of hard floors. 

For the sake of comparing more of your everyday-use scrubbers, we took i-team’s three compact walk-behind models and three of Kärcher’s walk-behind models and compared them below.

As you compare machines, focus on the features that will bring you the most value and improve cost-efficiency in your business. If your team struggles to clean around low furniture, choose a low-profile model. If your difficulty is cleaning non-slip textured floors, aim for a cylindrical brush. 

Star Features of Cordless, Walk-Behind Commercial Floor Scrubbers: Cleaning Power and Manoeuvrability

We know that people want to experience the least exertion possible while still getting the best results, so which of these companies offers the best of both worlds in one machine? The majority would agree that the most important things to look at after price would be cleaning power and manoeuvrability. So let’s zoom in on those for a moment. 

Comparison of Manoeuvrability

The i-mop and its ability to get right to the edge and under obstacles means a virtual elimination of manual operations that are required to supplement conventional machine scrubbing. Overall, the i-mop family claims to clean up to 70% faster than conventional wet mopping and up to 30% faster than conventional auto scrubbing. i-mop also claims to have almost double the cleaning power of other commercial floor scrubber brands.  

Similar to i-mop’s xl model, Kärcher compact scrubber dryers have been developed for fast and flexible cleaning of small to medium-sized areas, such as restaurants, kitchens and other highly frequented areas that are heavily furnished. Kärcher cleaning machines have a rotatable brush head allowing you to clean in reverse and at right angles, making it quick and easy to clean in tight spaces. 

Each unit has twin counter-rotating brushes that provide a deep scrub, and modular HACCP colour-coded accessories help you prevent cross-contamination in food prep and hygiene-critical areas. However, only one of these spotlighted companies offers 360-degree movement and it is i-mop. Kärcher models are heavier across the board and i-mop outshines in their design.

The Facts and Figures on Cleaning Power

We see now from above that, because of the 360-degree movement, the i-mop exceeds Karcher in manoeuvrability. But how can we be sure i-mop also rules the roost when it comes to cleaning power? 

Turns out, you can run a simple math equation to answer this: just take the kgs of pressure on the brushes and multiply that by the revolutions per minute (RPM) within the same model and that gives you the figure on cleaning power. 

Running this math problem on each of the below brands, we see that i-mop takes the prize every time!

i-mop by i-team offers three cordless commercial floor scrubbers. We chose 3 comparable Karcher models to look at side by side.

i-mop liteBR 30/4 C 
Brush Speed – 500 RPMBrush Speed – 1,450 RPM
Brush Contact Pressure – 13kgBrush Contact Pressure – 3.3kg
Brush Working Width – 37 cmBrush Working Width – 29.9 cm
Max Area Performance -1,400 m2 per hourMax Area Performance – 6,459 m2 per hour
Weight – 13.5 kgWeight – 12 kg
Tank Size – 3 LitresTank size  – 3.7 Litres
Brush Type – Disc HeadBrush type – Roller

What sticks out immediately, when looking at these first two models together, is the astounding difference in RPM. However, let’s run that math problem; what was it? 

Pressure x RPM = Cleaning Power. 

Here we go:

i-mop lite: 13kg Pressure, times 500 RPM = 6,500

BR 30/4 C: 3.3kg Pressure, times 1,450 RPM = 4,785

i-mop wins the comparison!

i-mop XLBR 35/12 C Bp
 Brush Speed – 350 RPMBrush Speed – 1,450 RPM
Brush Contact Pressure – 22kgBrush Contact Pressure – 3.4 kg
Brush Working Width – 46 cmBrush Working Width – 35.5 cm
Max Area Performance – 1,800 m2 per hourMax Area Performance – 5,023 m2 per hour
Weight – 20 kgWeight – 12 kg
Tank size  – 4 LitresTank size  – 3.7 Litres
Brush Type – Disc HeadBrush type – Roller

Here, again, we see the very low RPM with i-mop’s machine vs the high RPM with Karcher’s.

So, take ‘Pressure’ and multiply it by the ‘RPM’ to get ‘Cleaning Power…’ 

i-mop XL: 22kg Pressure, times 350 RPM = 7,700

BR 35/12 C Bp: 3.4kg Pressure, times 1,450 RPM = 4,930

i-mop wins again!

i-mop XXLBD 38/12 C Bp
 Brush Speed – 350 RPMBrush Speed – 180 RPM
Brush Contact Pressure – 32kgBrush Contact Pressure – 15.8 kg
Brush Working Width – 62cmBrush Working Width – 38.1 cm
Weight – 23 kgMax Area Performance – 5,382 m2 per hour
Max Area Performance – 2,300 m2 per hourWeight – 42 kg
Tank size – 4 LitresTank size  – 12 Litres
Brush Type – Disc HeadBrush type – Disc Head

One last time on our third comparison, now what is Karcher doing with such a low RPM and a high contact pressure. Is that going to turn the tables here?

i-mop XXL: 32kg Pressure, times 350 RPM = 11,200

BD 38/12 C Bp: 15.8kg Pressure, times 180 RPM = 2,844

Another astonishing win, by i-mop!

So Which is the Best Cordless Commercial Floor Scrubber for You?

At the end of the day, i-mop is ahead of Kärcher when it comes to quality, price, cleaning power and maneuverability how do you choose which to go with. I-mop makes it easy, having just three models to choose from: one for small areas like the home and single floor spaces, a medium size for restaurants and medium-sized aged care facilities, and a large model for facilities that cover city blocks, like hospitals and the larger aged care facilities. 

But what do consumers say? The following independent reviews show that the i-mop is a great choice for powerful cleaning:

What People are Saying about i-mop’s Commercial Floor Scrubbers

“Since purchasing the i-mop lite I could never go back to using a normal mop, the i-mop is a powerful, compact and effortless to use!”


“Best thing I ever bought. It’s cleaning floors, made easy. No more back-breaking work with a dirty mop. Floors are always sparkling clean thanks to the ease of the I-Mop. It’s money well spent. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.”


“My i-mop xl has exceeded expectations. Very happy with the product and highly recommend.”


What People are Saying about Kärcher’s Commercial Floor Scrubbers

“Have three-floor scrubbers and couldn’t survive without them. We use them every day to mop up and scrub our tiled areas. Just wish parts were more realistically priced making maintenance of the machine and its subsequent performance better.”


“I just received and it looks like it is going to work out great. One of the front brushes does not spin like the other. The belt is slipping. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? I have maybe swept 100 feet.”


“Shipping was super fast, but definitely wasn’t as impressed with the product as I thought I’d be. Had higher expectations for it since it was so expensive.”



At Veridia, we pride ourselves on our ability to forge connections with our customers and provide reliable information on infection control and hygiene. 

We understand the importance of communication when it comes to keeping a facility running smoothly, and our team is always available to provide support and advice.

Find out more about our range of floor scrubbers here, or contact our professional team for advice on the right solutions for your facility. 

The expert technicians at Veridia have spent decades serving the aged care sector, and we can provide you with a complete hygiene protocol offering quality, compliance and peace of mind.

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