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Department of Health to Begin Unannounced Audits of Aged Care Facilities

Yesterday Ken Wyatt, Minister for Aged Care, released the Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes as part of changing accreditation requirements for the Aged Care Industry.

The Review aims to ensure that our aged population receives world-class quality of care and safety at all times, and intends to achieve this by conducting audit reviews without prior warning to the facility. Mr Wyatt said that “The old process of notifying providers ahead of subsequent re-accreditation reviews will go, replaced by comprehensive unannounced audits” as part of the implementation of the Review.

This means that it is incumbent on Aged Care Facilities to meet legal requirements in safety, staffing and care at all times. However, the Government will consult with aged care providers during initial accreditation audits to allow them to properly understand industry benchmarks and meet licensing requirements.

Mr Wyatt applauded the industry, noting that “the overwhelming majority of facilities provide excellent care and are working to continually improve services.”

To view the full review, click here.

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