What Makes a Liquid Laundry Chemical Dispenser State of the Art?

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Discover how liquid laundry chemical dispensers can automate and optimise your laundry equipment and process.

Clean and soft laundry is incredibly important for residents in aged care facilities. Making the laundry process easier for the staff in your nursing home will save time, and making it more efficient will pay dividends in saved money. 

Having inefficient laundry equipment is also a threat to the eco-friendly status of your nursing home. If you haven’t considered the water and power wastage of an overly long laundry cycle, you might not realise how crucial it can be to minimise them. Perfectly clean laundry can be achieved in an optimised laundry process, through the help of liquid laundry chemical dispensers

Moreover, in aged care facilities, it’s vital your laundry procedure adheres to the Disinfection Standards. Whether through thermal or chemical disinfection, liquid laundry chemical dispensers can offer you peace of mind when it comes to meeting AS4146:2000, so you can maintain your facility’s accreditation.

Benefits of Liquid Laundry Chemical Dispensers

Commercial laundry machines require accurate and reliable chemical dosing systems to ensure that the right amount of detergent is dispensed for a set load of washing.

These automated dispensers are a simple but effective way of guaranteeing excellent cleaning results whilst also ensuring that the right dose of detergent is used, preventing overuse and saving you costs over the long term. This also helps maintain the washing machines much more effectively.

Moreover, these systems offer several benefits especially when it comes to helping you reduce your nursing home’s environmental impact:

  • Preventing rewashing from inaccurate dosing
  • Conserving your facility’s water and electricity usage by improving wash cycle efficiency
  • Extending the life expectancy of your facility’s linens and resident’s clothing

Even more importantly, the dispenser system offers easy and simple handling, minimising spillages and any accidental mixing or chemical contact. This can pose a serious hazard to your staff, especially as most liquid laundry chemicals are highly concentrated, impacting your workplace health and safety.

What To Look for in a State-of-the-Art Laundry Dispenser

Automated Dispenser

When choosing a liquid laundry chemical dispenser system, you should ensure it’s an automated process to save your staff any stress of leaks or spills due to ineffective manual tube changes. 

Flush Manifold

You should also ensure the dispenser utilises a flush manifold. This simple mechanism prevents any neat chemicals used in the laundry machine from touching the fabrics until they have been sufficiently diluted in the wash cycle, protecting the laundry from concentrated detergents.

Without a flush manifold, there is a potential for hazardous chemical mixing as there is no water flushed through the system, impacting safety and cleaning results.

Comprehensive Laundry System

In addition to detergents, laundry chemical dispensers can also deliver other chemicals, including de-staining products, alkali boosters, emulsifiers, sanitisers, fabric conditioners and more. To improve your commercial laundry machines’ cleaning results, including the option for these wash steps can be achieved with a state of the art dispensing system.

Choosing the Right Laundry Chemical Dispenser

At Veridia, we offer a comprehensive laundry chemical dispenser system that integrates into most commercial laundry machines, fully automating the chemical dosages and washing programme. 

The washing machines simply connect to the dispenser, and once the wash cycle is set, it automatically sends the correct chemicals at the correct times, taking the guesswork out of the laundry process.

Without an automated laundry chemical dispenser, employees are faced with potentially over or under-measuring chemicals which can lead to rewashes, increased labour, higher water and chemical costs and potentially damaged fabrics. 

Offering unparalleled flexibility with up to 8 pump dispensers, your commercial washing machine will be transformed. 

Finally, our EnCap system means you can safely and efficiently connect bulk laundry chemicals to your dispenser. With a colour-coordinated system, EnCap completely encapsulates the chemicals, preventing cross-contamination and eliminating potentially hazardous leaks and spills.

Contact Veridia for Your Laundry Chemical Dispenser System

To minimise inefficiencies in your nursing home’s laundry, a liquid chemical dispenser system is a perfect solution with its easy-to-use automated process. Plus, you can improve your facility’s cleaning results while also saving money and preventing wasted water.

At Veridia, our chemical dispensing systems take the guesswork out of laundry chemical dosing and help to reduce the risks associated with manual tube changes. 

Ensuring faultless hygiene in your residential facility is something you can’t ignore, especially when you need to protect your nursing home’s reputation and hygiene accreditations.

To learn more about our liquid laundry chemical dispensers, contact our professional team for advice on the right solutions for your facility that ensure excellent hygiene, and peace of mind.

Contact our professional team for advice on the right solutions for your facility that ensure compliance and peace of mind.

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