Supporting the Hay Runners

3900 kilometres. 120 prime movers. 240 trailers loaded with hay, lucerne, dog food and grain. It’s the Burrumbuttock Hay Run.

Veridia was proud to support Shane Bourke, the proud driver of a Mercedes Z658 hauling hay from Darlington Point through to Muttaburra in the centre of Queensland.

The Burrumbuttock Hay Run is a convoy that delivers relief to some of the hardest hit areas in drought stricken Queensland. ”They haven’t seen rain for seven years” Shane says of some of the areas he drove through.

The Hay runners are volunteer truckies who deliver hay generously donated by farmers from all over Australia. They are supported by Australian businesses and transport companies to deliver much needed financial relief to farmers doing it tough.

For more information about the Burrumbuttock hay run and how you can support it click here.

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