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Four things that Aged Care Facility Auditors always spot

Aged care audit

As an aged care provider, you may be outsourcing a number of key service areas that aged care auditors cover when they visit your site. They may include food preparation, laundry services, and, last but not least, your chemical provider. It’s easy to let such outsourced service areas slip, particularly if you are not directly […]

Preparing your facility against Coronavirus


The Corona Virus Threat is still at large, and, as scientists across the world scramble to develop vaccines, its time to batten down the hatches and step up the hygiene to reduce the chances of infection in shared residential environments. Unfortunately as in all epidemics, our elderly and young are the most vulnerable, particularly when […]

Australian Government Support for struggling regional Aged Care

This week the government introduced a new fund, designed to support struggling Aged Care Homes in regional Australia, impacted by drought, fires and dwindling intake numbers. The Business Improvement Fund (BIF)  is designed to provide short term support and advice that will sustain the ongoing operations of homes providing crucial services to remote and rural […]

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