Four levels of Defense.

Our Philosophy on Infection Control

Infection control has never been more in the public view. There are rules about social distancing, sanitising and hygiene safety which we all need to follow.

Our team, who have expertise in infection control in acute facilities, have been working on ways that we can ensure that our key principles of infection control are communicated and followed.

We’ve put together four lines of defence that you can deploy to minimise the chances of virus transmission in your facility.

Infection Control

Infection Control.


Surface Sanitising is a critical layer of defence against infectious organisms such as bacteria and viruses – most organisms can survive on surfaces for a length of time, and any contact with that surface transfers the infection. 

Veridia provides solutions such as Biosan II, Kwiksan and the Accent Plug’N’Pump range, which is an innovative and easy-to-use system that ensures control and consistency with chemical application.

  • Surfaces can harbor bacteria and viruses
  • You need reliable, consistent disinfection
  • Alcohol-based disinfectants should be over 60% alcohol

Hand Washing.

Hand washing is the simplest, most effective and first layer of defence against infection. Because we interact with the world around us through our hands, keeping them clean with the most enriching, gentle soap is very important, along with ensuring efficiency with a good cost-in-use.

Our Accent Handcare brand provides nutrient-rich soaps in economical, safely sealed cartridge dispensers, keeping your hands clean, healthy and moisturised.

  • Your hands are likely to have bacteria on them
  • You need to have a rigorous, enriching hand care system
  • Cartridge sealed dispensers are the safest

Extra Protection.

Infections can sometimes get through, even when hands and surfaces are well protected. Extra Protection is essential at this point to slow the spread of infection, by ensuring viruses and bacteria are killed in areas where hand washing is not possible.

Veridia has extra protection available, including personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, aprons etc.), hand sanitiser, disinfectant and alcohol wipes, and other items.

  • Infections can spread through the air or droplets
  • You need to protect your face and body
  • Personal protective equipment is critical in healthcare

Symptom Identification.

Symptom Identification is an important layer of defence against the spread of infection in high traffic facilities who must meet regulatory requirements to protect vulnerable customers, residents or visitors.

Our solutions include hand held infrared thermometers and automated thermal scanning technology to quickly detect symptomatic persons before they pose a risk to your facility.

  • Symptoms such as high temperatures can show infection
  • You need accurate identification of fevers
  • Handheld infrared thermometers are convenient


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