Helping Schools prepare for COVID-19.

Is your facility fighting COVID-19 with proper hygiene?

You need to continue usual campus operations whilst minimising the risk of an outbreak amongst students who are constantly indoors in close contact. We are driven by the vision to give time back to professionals in the industries we support. We can help you to be continually vigilant, not just in this outbreak, but for the future beyond the coronavirus.

Our Solution: We believe that best practice is not reliant on product quality alone, but rather is a combination of training, process analysis and finally, superior products. Our team is equipped with premium products, but most importantly, experience in facility management to bring a healthy mix in balancing achieving operational efficiencies and exceeding hygiene standards.

Our comprehensive approach involves:

We provide guidance and insights that are tailored to your campuses’ specific needs.

We benchmark your facility with world class standards so that you can have peace of mind in meeting your obligations.

We implement best practices, and support your team through education and application to achieve optimum results in both hygiene standards and operational efficiencies.

After initial implementation, our service continues through stock management, ordering and site reviews.

Read a Success Story from one of the schools we service here:

Our students deserve the highest levels of hygiene when attending schools and educational facilities. Read about schools that we’ve helped to maintain world class hygiene standards.

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