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Hygiene Consumables Audit.

Learn what’s working in your aged care facility.

what’s not.

There is no doubt in my mind that Veridia was very important in us getting through our accreditation.
Annika Tarbox, DON
The Willows Private Nursing Home

Pick out areas
of hygiene

Get your facilities running more efficiently.

Measure your results against industry benchmarks.

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How do hygiene consumables audits identify non-compliance?

What makes accreditation so difficult, time consuming and inefficient?

If you asked the operations manager of a successful, quality care home, how would they answer?     

Is it the cost of labour nowadays? Are the expectations of the ACQSC too high for such a stretched industry? Is government funding too low?

All these things are true. But one thing matters more than anything else.

The answer is simple. Quality aged care services focus on the details.

The facility managers that focus on improving by 1% every day have the highest rates of success.

Traditional operations models are falling behind, now the Royal Commission has ruled on aged care standards.

You need to focus on key areas that can transform your operations, improve your efficiency, and boost your compliance.

Areas like:

  • Infection transmission risks
  • PPE supply chain risks
  • Hygiene non-compliance
  • Consumables wastage
  • Substandard hygiene practices
  • Time costs
Hygiene Consumables Delivery

How can you improve your hygiene consumables usage?

We’ll be honest.

Getting an exceptional operations manager with experience in procurement, cleaning, hygiene regulations, and best practices for your industry will give you the biggest advantage.

But aged care is understaffed and hiring takes time.

There is, however, a shortcut: a site-specific hygiene consumables audit with recommendations for improvement.

The Veridia site survey .

Two things quality care homes need to focus on are:

  • Regulatory compliance, and
  • Operational efficiency.

But how do you identify opportunities for improvement when you’ve got so much on your plate?

It’s not your fault that you lack time – you’re following your traditional training. Accreditors are putting pressure on you to perform, without teaching you how to get better results!

The fact that you’re reading this shows you’re keen to get your facility running smoother.

To find out how to improve, you need easy access to experts and direct feedback.

The Veridia site survey provides your access.

What's involved?

You need a team who understand you, your facility’s goals and your organisation’s processes and practices. That’s why, in our hygiene consumables audit, we put a premium on site-specific research and discovery.

That means:

A site tour

Experienced Veridia staff spend a full day touring your site.
Areas of focus include quality and compliance, infection control, and residential services: kitchen, laundry, and housekeeping.


Stand up interviews with your middle management and floor staff, to get their take on your facility’s room for growth.

Equipment and process testing

Onsite technical checks on your hygiene equipment and whether your procedures are serving you.

A compliance standards inspection

An in-depth checkup of your facility’s hygiene compliance against industry regulations and aged care standards.

What will you get?

You’ll get the results of all the specific, onsite observation packaged in an easy-to-read report and personal presentation that:

  • Picks out ways to remove wastage
  • Reveals inefficient areas in your operations
  • Outlines how to boost regulatory compliance
  • Maps out a system to get back staff time, and
  • Recommends best practices to promote optimum customer outcomes.

How much does it cost ?

You’re in business, so you know this much value doesn’t come for free.

The Veridia aged care home audit is only for those who are committed to high standards of hygiene – we’re confident that’s you since you’ve read this far.

Prices for this expert analysis depend on your location, which will be in one of two categories, Metro and Regional.

Metro simply means within 150km of a large city’s CBD (think Sydney or Brisbane).

Regional covers the rest of Australia.

  • Metro (within 150km of a CBD)

The minimum price for a Metro aged care home site survey is $3,000.

However, concessional and package pricing are available, subject to negotiation.

  • Regional (outside 150km of a CBD)

The minimum price for a Regional aged care home site survey is $3,500. The extra cost allows for travel expenses.

As with Metro, concessional and package pricing is available.

These estimates are based on the cost of labour, travel, and expert consultancy, which are not fixed overheads. You may find increased minimum prices at any point in the future.

Costs may differ above the minimum due to the complex nature of some aged care facilities.

What’s the next step?

Once you take the opportunity and leave your details below, our team will leap into action.

You’ll get a call on the number you give us, to get more information about the complexity of your site and the requirements you’ll have.

Once you’re happy we understand, you’ll get a quote for our service and we’ll arrange a physical tour date that works with you and your staff.

Kick off your facility’s best practice hygiene today for your quality aged care services.

Organise your site survey today.

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