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Hand Care System.


Human touch is in everything we do, every day. We all know the importance of hand hygiene to protect ourselves and the people around us.

So what if hand washing wasn’t a chore – that you have to ensure everyone follows? What if everyone could practice great, regular hand hygiene without the need for it to be prompted or enforced? What if it was an experience of luxury and refreshment that cares for sensitive skin, and that people actually want to use? Build a culture of handwashing with Veridia’s hand care systems.

The Veridia Hand Care System cleanses, protects and cares for users’ skin, creating an amazing washing, sanitising and moisturising experience for high compliance facilities. 


Washing hands with foaming lotion soap

Foaming Lotion Soap

Our foaming lotion soap provides the ultimate hand wash experience with an excellent foam body, designed to heal skin with Aloe Vera extracts and leave hands feeling soft. The foaming soap is also available in a safe antibacterial formula that’s fragrance free to suit sensitive skin.


Showering with Gel Body Wash

Gel Body Wash

The Veridia Gel Body Wash combines deluxe cleansing with conditioning properties for an all in one body wash, shampoo and conditioner, carefully formulated with conditioning agents to enable easy detangling of ageing or damaged hair.


Using Foaming Sanitiser Dispenser

Foaming Sanitiser

Our foaming sanitiser provides protection against bacteria with the recommended 70 – 75% alcohol content. Its foam structure allows for constant usage without sticky residue, and it also contains glycerine to combat the drying effect of alcohol and retain skin moisture.


Rubbing hands with Moisturising Cream

Moisturising Cream

Completing the system is our unique moisturising cream, ideal for protecting ageing or stressed skin. The cream mimics skin serum using jojoba oil and shea butter to keep skin from drying out.

Using a sealed cartridge system – the internationally recognised best practice in dispensing – the Veridia Hand Care System is easy for staff to use and refill. 

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