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The Corona Virus Threat is still at large, and, as scientists across the world scramble to develop vaccines, its time to batten down the hatches and step up the hygiene to reduce the chances of infection in shared residential environments.

Unfortunately as in all epidemics, our elderly and young are the most vulnerable, particularly when living in or attending shared facilities. We have created these guides to help facilities managers and staff best ensure they and their residents are guarded from infection as much as possible.

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Helping Schools prepare for COVID-19.

You need to continue usual campus operations whilst minimising the risk of an outbreak amongst students who are constantly indoors in close contact. We are driven by the vision to give time back to professionals in the industries we support. We can help you to be continually vigilant, not just in this outbreak, but for the future beyond the coronavirus.

Our Solution: We believe that best practice is not reliant on product quality alone, but rather is a combination of training, process analysis and finally, superior products. Our team is equipped with premium products, but most importantly, experience in facility management to bring a healthy mix in balancing achieving operational efficiencies and exceeding hygiene standards.

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While this advice is sourced from trusted industry partners, there are many unknowns surrounding the current Coronavirus crisis. If you think you may have a case of infection, you should seek expert medical advice.

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