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Mercy Aged Care.

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Operations Manager, Mercy Aged Care, Nudgee

"From 3 suppliers, 3 stocktakes and 25 invoices, down to 1 solution."

Here are some of the challenges that Mercy Aged Care were facing within their facility.

  • Three hygiene consumable suppliers
  • Nine orders
  • 1% of the budget
  • Three stocktakes per month
  • 25 invoices every month
  • Multiple backorders and price variations


Sound familiar? It was for Ben at Mercy Aged Care.

Ben was well aware of the importance of maintaining appropriate hygiene practices for his facility, and was committed to providing the best, safest environment for the people in his care. The system by which he was procuring these products, however – through multiple suppliers and extensive associated admin – was taking time and energy away from other important areas of the Mercy service and taking valuable time away from patients and staff.



Enter Veridia.

When our team spoke to Ben, we promised to deliver a solution that would not only enhance the service Mercy offered, and make his life easier, but also allow Mercy’s strategic goals to be met, by providing a complete solution that ensured:

  • all aged care quality standards were met;
  • hygiene practices were socially and environmentally responsible; and
  • budgets were fixed.

We set Ben up on our fixed-fee consumable package, which eliminates the pain of multiple supply points and the admin and financial headaches that can result. This gave him the freedom to focus on other things, knowing that Mercy’s hygiene consumables are taken care of.

Our fixed-fee supply agreement provides a complete hygiene solution that removes the guesswork, and takes the pain out of your hygiene consumables process by eliminating the multiple touchpoints traditionally required to keep this part of your business ticking.

“We’re really happy. We went from having three suppliers delivering us the same range that Veridia offers, to just one. Going from 25-30 invoices per month for hygiene products, to one single invoice has been an incredible time saver. Plus, my accountant loves me. The fixed fee Veridia provides, means there’s no movement month to month, so we can forecast with confidence.”

In addition to all of the time-saving and financial benefits, it was the personalised service was ultimately what sealed the deal for Ben. Veridia is a brand built on personal connections, and we recognise that our success is a by-product of the success of the organisations we work with and of their ability to provide the highest levels of care.

“Our level of service has gone through the roof. We were initially nervous to take this step but the excellent package and the level of support Veridia provides has made it such an easy transition. It’s a win win.”

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