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UMQ Macquarie University.

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Nero Kulatunga

Procurement and Inventory Manager

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"[Veridia provided a] total end to end package with regards to documentation, education and delivery of product."

Could you tell us a little about your organisation & its vision?

To enrich student life here at Macquarie University and to provide timely and relevant services and support to the wider community

What additional challenges has COVID19 presented to your organisation’s hygiene strategy?

The need to upskill and adapt quickly to new procedures and measures

How did Veridia assist in addressing those challenges?

By providing great customer service and support

What has stood out to you most in your dealings with Veridia?

The total end to end package with regards to documentation, education and delivery of product. A specific instance of this is in the professionalism and detail of the Safety Data Sheets, product safety procedures and labelling

Nero Kulatunga – UMQ Macquarie University

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