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Six things Aged Care Providers should be doing now

Trust isn’t something that Australians are giving easily to Aged Care Homes right now.

Trust isn’t something that Australians are giving easily to Aged Care Homes right now. The Aged Care Commission’s Interim Report released last month was an uncomfortable read for all.

It’s sad and sometimes shocking revelations puts the reputation of all aged care homes, both the bad and the good, at risk.

The challenge is: Can facility managers and directors of homes do anything to balance this general tide of distrust? The good news is: If you are a good home, a provider that genuinely has the good of it’s residents at heart – Now is your time!

There is never a better time to stand out from the crowd, than when the general public are disenchanted with the industry.

We came up with a list of simple but powerful ways to achieve this:

Be Authentic – If you want the public to think you are a good home, then you have to be a good home, that does good things. If you’re not authentic, it ain’t gonna work.

Be Transparent – Show us inside your home, with daily or weekly footage and pictures of your residents and staff. And it doesn’t have to be professional ‘picture – perfect’ photography every time. In fact, there’s nothing more reassuring than raw footage or images showing everyday scenes from your home. Peninsula Village does a great job of this, showing pictures of residents through regular blog posts about anniversaries, birthdays and special events.

Tell Stories – People connect with people, rather than companies, and each home holds a treasure trove of stories. By sharing your residents and staff stories, you’ll create something that people will be able to relate to. Click here to see an example of how powerful story telling is.

Collect Reviews – 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a word of mouth review – and in today’s world collecting these from visitors and residents/resident families has never been easier. Automation means that you can canvas large (and small) numbers in real time. (i.e. when they have just visited the home, or directly after the completion of a respite stay.)

Online platforms that can help you gather feedback are:

Capitalise on Opportunities

If you go the extra mile for a resident and their family, ask them for a review. Chances are you’ll get a rave – which is the ultimate Trust Generator.

Nobody is Perfect – People expect high standards, but not perfection. If you receive a small proportion of negative reviews, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, negative reviews, handled well and in small numbers, will actually create trust with future clients.

If your record is totally unblemished, people will question the honesty behind it. The AACQA fell victim to this, in it’s own reporting and handling of failings in the industry.

We know the vast majority of Aged Care homes deserve the trust of the public. Don’t let poor industry players rob you or your home of it.

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