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The procurement mindset that could revolutionise your business.

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The realities of running an aged care facility well can be harsh.

The realities of running an aged care facility well can be harsh.

Between balancing strategic goals, managing director expectations, ensuring employee satisfaction and delivering for your residents, it can feel as though there’s a never-ending mountain to climb.

And you’re climbing it blindfolded.

It’s no surprise then that, when it comes to juggling the procurement needs of your business, it’s easy, given your burgeoning proverbial plate, to get bogged down in superficial factors such as unit costs and numbers on a spreadsheet. After all, what board doesn’t love people who deliver under budget?

However, it’s fair to ask, are these figures providing a false sense of security in regard to the apparent efficiencies in your facility? Do they consider the bigger picture – the intangible efficiencies and quality that are equally important to the success of any aged care home?

This is where best value procurement (BVP) comes in. BVP is a procurement approach that requires thinking about the bigger picture. In this case, how decisions around consumables impact the overall value to the organisation – putting the focus on more than short-term price metrics and individual KPIs.

Procuring business consumables is about more than just ticking a box – professionals need to be empowered to approach their decision making with a values-first mindset – focusing on long-term strategic benefits that will impact the organisation’s overall costs and reputation in market. In order for this shift from Tradition to Best Value Procurement to be successful, procurement managers need to be supported by their executive to make decisions based on what’s best for the organisation as a whole.

However, having a partner with aligned values is another important factor for truly achieving best value.

At Veridia, we offer a complete BVP model for our clients, tailored to their industry, business and specific needs. Our products enable facility managers to do what they do best, knowing they’re providing the ultimate environment for their residents to experience the highest levels of care.

Please get in touch and we can work out a solution that’s right for you – we’re in this together.

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