Albion Hotel

"Veridia was so helpful for us during the renovation"

Meet Ellana Bickerdike. 

Ellana is the manager of the Albion Hotel in Cootamundra. She loves being in hospitality because of the people she gets to meet.

I’ve met some really amazing lifelong friends in hospitality. I love watching the team grow. I love bringing in new staff and seeing them thrive, teaching them new skills and helping provide a service for our community.”

The Albion Hotel is a long-standing part of the community in Cootamundra. Locals now use the traditional gathering place as a base for their events, from baby showers to art nights, live music events to dinners.

The Albion focuses on supporting the locals, whether through entertainment or through employment. When the Albion was being refurbished in 2022, they employed mostly local tradies to renovate the full commercial kitchen, outdoor area and new accommodation.

Ellana says Veridia was indispensable during the Albion’s renovation.

“[The Veridia rep] was so helpful for us during the renovation because there was little things that we forgot along the way and things that were last minute. And he was fantastic, able to just bring us whatever we needed.”

The main benefit for Ellana was Veridia’s flexibility. “So one of the challenges for us being a small community is often logistics… So we need suppliers that are able to support us and get delivery on time and quickly, sometimes overnight. And working with Veridia has been fantastic in that way because it’s just a call and usually the next day it’s delivered – that’s not often possible in a small regional town.”

Veridia’s supporting local communities through the businesses they’re built around. To find out the diverse ways we keep hotels like the Albion going, contact us below.

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