Innoscreen Antigen Test Training.

Administer antigen tests correctly with Innoscreen Training.

The Australian government currently requires all facilities using Rapid Antigen Testing to administer these under the supervision of a trained person.

We’ve gathered resources from experts to provide training on the Innoscreen Antigen Test for Covid-19. By reading through these documents and watching the video, you will be able to claim competence.
Once you have completed the training, please fill in the form below the resources to list yourself as ‘competent’ in our records.

Rapid Antigen Training - Innoscreen.

Welcome to the Innoscreen Antigen Test Training Course.

Before you complete the below course and fill in the form, make sure you have read the above documents that are relevant to your industry.
For more information, please visit the NSW Government’s page on Rapid Antigen Testing.