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A New Era of Care: Automation in Aged Care

A New Era of Care: Automation in Aged Care

Technology integrating with our everyday lives and routines is no new concept. As it becomes more responsive, technology applies to and benefits many different industries. Now is the time for aged care to look at the possibilities in tech, because it’s about to be challenged.

What does automation in aged care actually mean?

With a growing aged population comes growing demands. Using technology to automate aged care is not only a way to keep up but a way to get ahead too.

This infographic from McCrindle shows we can expect climbing demand for aged care. So, there will always be job opportunities in aged care, but each job will have an increased workload.

McCrindle estimates that over the next 30 years Australia will have more than 1,200,000 at the age of 85 or above. All these people will have an increased life expectancy of around 5 years. This means the demand for aged care will equate to an extra 6,000,000 years’ worth of care!

McCrindle estimates that over the next 30 years Australia will have more than 1,200,000 people at the age of 85 or above. All these people will have an increased life expectancy of around 5 years. This means the demand for aged care will equate to an extra 6,000,000 years’ worth of care!

This is where automated technology comes in.

Automation can take care of the routine tasks. Automation can allow staff to cope with this increase without sacrificing direct care time or quality of work.

For example, self-service check out machines have already become commonplace in Australia. We don’t think twice when confronted with a machine instead of a human in a supermarket.

A New Era of Care: Automation in Aged Care

When implemented correctly, these technologies don’t replace manual labour. They assist and guide staff, producing better outcomes for all.

The aged care industry is centred on the goal of always striving to provide better care. As the aging population increases there is greater demand for aged care facilities. Automation can help to enhance care and support aged care workers. By welcoming automation, we ensure the benefits flow through to all areas of the industry.

Automation in aged care is the way of the future. This technology allows facilities to provide better care for their residents. It increases productivity and efficiency, giving your business a competitive edge.

What does it look like?

Aged care relies on a lot of repetitive and routine tasks, like admin and distribution. Automated technology makes these tasks quicker and easier than ever. This can save facilities valuable time and money. Time for more direct care for residents. Money that facilities can put back into their staff, residents, and community.

Certain tasks in aged care will always need the touch, emotion, and care of another human being. The problem is, other jobs prevent aged care staff from delivering this care! Automation allows your staff to focus more on direct patient-oriented care.  By taking over the routine tasks, automation gives your staff more time to look after their patients in person.

Food and supply delivery

Food Supply Delivery

As aged care populations increase, staff time will become more valuable. Staff workloads don’t need more routine tasks like delivering meals and linen!

Machines can carry out these deliveries while staff keep working. This leaves staff with not only more time, but energy too. Some aged care companies are already leading the way with this sort of technology.

Medicine dispensing 

Medical Dispensing

Medical research shows the benefits of automating medicine handling. Automation makes tracking and accessibility that much easier. This technology cuts out rote behaviours. It increases patient safety. It allows staff to give more thorough, considered, and personal treatment.

At any rate, medicine dispensing is a robotic task. As the demand for these tasks increase, it only makes sense to use technology. Also, accuracy is key in medicine dispensing. Automation cuts the risk of human error while increasing productivity and capacity!

Monitoring health

Another beneficial automation in the aged care industry is monitoring health systems. These come in a wide variety of formats and applications.

Health monitoring apps are one example. They help carers better understand their patients’ needs and track health patterns. The data gained from patients’ use of these apps is invaluable and accessible.

Monitoring Health with modern technologies

There is increasing use of health and wellness wearables. These devices can track health deficiencies and support accurate caregiving.

Wearables allow remote health monitoring to collect vital health statistics.  These can be well-established devices such as smartwatches, tracking blood pressure. Or they can be specialised devices, even cutting-edge implants!

Remote health monitoring automations are crucial in this pandemic. Health professionals can connect with patients while still honouring aged care restrictions. This not only improves the way we provide care but safeguards patients and their quality of life.

What are the benefits?

The customer

The Customer Benefits

The customer experience is always at the forefront of everything we do in aged care. Automation allows carers to spend more one on one time with their patients, and improve their experience.

Many people view aging as redundancy and expect to dislike life as an elder. We know this is far from the truth. Time spent in aged care should be as positive and enriching as any other part of one’s life.

Automation allows us more time for better, direct care and genuine human connection. Improving someone’s quality of life is by far the greatest benefit of technology.

The carer

A New Era of Care: Automation in Aged Care

In aged care, automation technology will never replace human interaction. With the demand for aged care steadily increasing, human staff are essential.

Automation can make jobs easier, more efficient, and more productive. Technology can’t replace or steal aged care jobs. Instead, carers can enjoy more time personally caring for residents.

The facility

Facility Management

Automation technology can give you a competitive edge. As a more cost-efficient facility, you’ll be able to invest in your future. Your facility will run smoother than ever. But most importantly, your residents will enjoy more care and a better quality of life.

Automation technology is the way forward for aged care. For better residential care, better financial health, and higher staff morale.

How do you think automation could benefit your role?

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