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4 Benefits of Using an Air Monitoring System

Air Monitoring System
Air monitoring systems are a key part of preventing airborne diseases - and aged care facilities can benefit.

Infection control should always be a top priority for aged care centres, schools, hotels, and other accommodation providers. The importance of air quality monitoring in facility cleanliness and infection control cannot be understated, with the WHO recommending air quality systems to lower airborne transmission of viruses.

As Australia’s leader in hygiene systems for aged care, accommodation and education, Veridia can help your facility find an air quality solution that truly works. Let’s review the top advantages of air quality monitoring systems in aged care facilities.

Ensure Compliance with Government Regulations

More and more aged care centres are installing a chemical air monitoring system that meets their needs and fulfils government requirements. With airborne transmission throughout the pandemic, the WHO published ventilation and airflow requirements which recommended directing air change rates, increasing natural airflow from outside, and using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

The combination of more frequent internal surface cleaning and enhanced air handling systems has proven effective in pandemic infection control so you can meet regulations and protect your facility.

Increase the Air Exchange Rate

Next, let’s consider the scope of air quality monitoring system at an aged care facility. Innovative types of air quality monitoring allow for increased air exchange by providing updated data. Such detailed information allows facilities to identify areas where air exchange is low or high, so adjustments can be made accordingly to ensure adequate infection control. The higher the air changes per hour, the fresher and healthier the air will be throughout your aged care centre.

Continuous Monitoring for Airborne Risks

As a facility manager, you should also consider the importance of air quality monitoring in detecting harmful chemicals. With a 24/7 monitoring system, you can ensure your building meets all regulations while being protected against dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, ammonia and other dangerous gases.

The best types of air quality monitoring quickly alert the facility when anything is detected above an acceptable level. The faster airborne risks are addressed, the sooner you can make sure everyone is safe. Then the building can be properly ventilated and deemed safe to re-enter.

Prevent Sick Building Syndrome

Residents should feel healthy and comfortable in your facility, and air quality monitoring can play a large part in that. Sick building syndrome is when people experience acute health effects linked to time spent inside the same facility, although no specific cause or illness can be confirmed. This discomfort usually resolves itself when those affected leave the building.

Poor ventilation, presence of chemicals, and inadequate humidity may be responsible for sick building syndrome. Air quality monitors can help prevent these symptoms altogether by ensuring high-quality air with constant circulation and pollution control.

Discover Different Types of Air Quality Monitoring Australia

With all these advantages of air quality monitoring system, it makes sense to invest in improved air filtration and HEPA filters. When coupled with high-level hygiene consumable solutions, air quality monitoring can enhance the health and safety of both commercial and residential facilities.

Learn more about the scope of air quality monitoring system and hygiene consumables with Veridia’s experienced consultants.

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