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Tumut River Brewing Co

"We've had nothing but a good experience with Veridia."

Meet Tim Martin.

He’s the cofounder and current director of Tumut River Brewing Co (TRBC), a craft brewery and tourist destination nestled in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains.

In the 2010s, Tim saw a gap in the market in the small town of Tumut, NSW. Despite the advantage of beautiful natural attractions like the Tumut River, the tourism industry wasn’t thriving. They needed a local business offering an experience to the visitors.

It was on a camping trip, over a good home brew, that Tim and his cofounder had their idea to start their very own microbrewery. They threw in their savings, time, and a whole lot of passion. After four years and some renovating help from local tradies, they opened the bar just in time for the 2018 Ciderfest weekend.

The launch was a big success! What was then the ‘smallest microbrewery in the Southern Hemisphere’ was now open for business, producing 150 litres of beer per batch.

TRBC hasn’t had an easy run of it. In their first year, they saw their entire stockpile of beer wiped out by a heatwave, and their delivery van blow up. Then COVID caused a number of setbacks to the small business, pushing them into the red. “We’ve got an additional ‘joy’…” Tim says wryly, “a year-and-a-half long roadworks project at the front of our business, which is hampering the ability to access our site.”

Through all that, Tim’s grown Tumut River Brewing Co from the tiny startup to a popular venue with a maximum production capacity of 50,000 litres a month. TRBC keeps 8 of their signature craft beers on tap, along with limited release seasonal offerings that Tim develops himself. Their beers, including the award winning Ginja Ninja, are available in BWS stores and pubs across New South Wales, and Tim’s looking to build distribution channels to even more of Australia.

The brewery has a two-way relationship with the local community. They make a point of using local produce – their brew is made from Riverina grain, and they serve local delicacies in their kitchen. Employing local staff is another way the brewery gives back. It’s a point that Tim is quietly proud of. “Everyone who works here just loves their job. It’s a really nice place to be.”

Over the years, they’ve developed what Tim calls ‘crucial business partnerships’ with some of their local suppliers – with Veridia included high on that list.

“Veridia always paid attention to where the stage of the business was up to and what we were doing. When we needed something, they were there to provide it. So we obviously gave them a shot because consistency is key!”

As a tourist venue providing food as well as a commercial bar and working brewhouse, TRBC has a lot on its schedule. Tim’s life often revolves around events and tours, which makes trust in his suppliers essential.

“They’ve gone out of their way on a number of occasions to get our stuff that we had to get for our very important events that are coming up, because we generally neglected to put the orders in most of the time. We’ve had nothing but a good experience with Veridia… and I could not recommend them more.”

Veridia provides supplies consistently to venues across Australia. If you don’t want to worry about your venue’s cleaning supplies, contact us below.

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