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How to Brighten Your Aged Care Residents Day

How to Brighten Your Aged Care Residents Day
As any carer can tell you, Aged Care goes beyond the laundry, meals and dispensing medicines.

As any carer can tell you, Aged Care goes beyond the laundry, meals and dispensing medicines. Here are some ideas for nursing staff on brightening an aged care resident’s day!

Share your story 

The more you can tell your residents about yourself the more they will relate to you as a person rather than a professional. They will be more likely participate in conversation and look forward to updates on your daughters dance concert, your puppy’s latest tricks or even just  photos of the weekend trip.

Music moves!

Okay, not everyone can play the oboe or even the piano, but if you can find some great tracks or even better, recruit some budding students to practice in front of your elderly residents. And it doesn’t have to be all classical either! Aged persons love the bop-du-wops too.
Seriously, they do: Check this video of young students playing to a rapt audience of residents in a nursing home.

Furry Friends!

Now this may raise eyebrows and might need a few signatures of approval but pet therapy is acclaimed across many institutions as an extremely worthwhile program for aged care residents. It is known to reduce blood pressure and depression as well as improving communication and motor skills.

Click here to find out more about animal programs and the benefits of pet therapy. Your residents will love to stroke a baby bunny, cuddle your kitten, or even snuggle with your pooch. There are even programs for pony tours!

You will need to ensure the animals are ‘socialised’ and hygienically suitable for use in aged care homes.


Flowers are a token of love and care no matter who, where or when. Slip a pansy onto their dinner tray, or a daffodil near their bed. Or if you can find wildflowers nearby the home, cut and arrange them in vases around the home. Small things like this don’t cost much, but will surely brighten your resident’s day.

Remembering what is important to them…

If possible, find out about your residents background, culture and the things that matter most to them. Remember their special events – think the stars and stripes on 4th of July, the Union Jack and Hobnobs on VE day, spring rolls on Chinese New Year’s day.

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