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Two easily overlooked consumable cost drivers.

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In the world of consumable procurement, cost is often perceived to be everything.

In the world of consumable procurement, cost is often perceived to be everything.

This is only one marker of operational efficiency, however, and often not the most sophisticated one.

From observing facilities that take a more holistic approach, we’ve identified two factors that outweigh price

Set up

When it comes to set up, seemingly minor decisions, such as the location of supply points, can impact the efficiency of product usage and should therefore be thoughtfully planned.


Similarly, company policies, or lack thereof, can mean that consumable usage is unregulated and either over or underused by staff.


So what’s preventing facility managers from tackling these two cost drivers?

It ultimately comes down to time and expertise.

Undertaking a review of your operational practices or your storeroom layouts is no small thing; both require a significant time investment and a commitment to seeking out the expertise needed to make changes effectively.

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