When Do I Need To Change My Deep Fryer Oil?

Deep fryer oil can be reused, however you need to watch some signs to ensure you aren’t cooking food in oil that has gone off or serving a menu that is entirely eggplant flavoured.

You don’t have to conduct chemical tests, although for big oil users this is recommended. By using your senses, you know your oil needs changing when:

  • It smells off
  • Looks a darker shade in colour than new oil
  • It starts frothing
  • You’ve just cooked strong smelling foods in your oil and you don’t want to pass the flavour on. (Fish flavoured donuts are never popular)
  • It starts smoking (Action stations!)

Tips to extend the life of your oil:

  • Buy high quality purpose suited deep fryer oil with a high smoke point – low quality oil breaks down faster.
  • Keep your fryer clean
  • Skim oil regularly
  • Avoid ‘bready’ coatings as the crumbs will really mess up your oil
  • Filter oil daily or in high use situations after each meal service
  • Cook at temperatures below 190 Celsius
  • Salt food after frying
  • Replace your oil completely rather than topping up

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