What Best Practice Procurement Looks Like In Aged Care Facilities

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What is Best Practice Procurement?

A good aged care facility runs like a well-oiled machine. Departments and staff members all do their bit. When each part of a facility is properly taken care of not only does your service go above and beyond compliance but your staff members have more time to deliver direct care.

Many people see procurement as a shopping list exercise, based on immediate needs, instead of looking at the bigger picture. We see procurement through the lens of best practice – as a more holistic and proactive function that can strategically improve your bottom line. By investigating the efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs, best practice procurement solutions take responsibility for usage by managing needs instead of automatically fulfilling requests.

The Benefits


The most obvious benefit of best practice procurement in your facility is that it will ensure you are always operating above and beyond the necessary compliance and industry standards. As we all know, failing to do so will jeopardise your residents, staff members, business, and reputation.

While many people tend to neglect their procurement needs, leaving them to the last minute, we know that getting your procurement sorted and sorted properly can make your entire facility run smoother than ever!

Saving Time

With the best practice procurement, plan your staff won’t have to waste any precious time filling out multiple orders for different suppliers. Having all your equipment and chemicals delivered to your door, by one supplier, and on a plan tailored to fit exactly what your facility needs, means your staff will have more time for direct care and the things that matter.

At Veridia we pride ourselves on seeing beyond your cleaning cupboard. We’re always looking at the bigger picture. This is why we’re so passionate about spreading the word about the best possible procurement practices.

We’re passionate because we know without it, the effects, the time, and the money will spill across into all other areas of your business.

For example, working on a needs-based ordering model, your facility is unable to act proactively. This adds up as wasted time that could have been spent more productively on staff and residents.

The Difference A Tailored Solution Makes

Just like taking your clothes to be altered, nothing fits as well as something tailored perfectly to you! This is the same way we approach our procurement solutions.

While a general solution could fit your facility, and probably others too, a specifically tailored one will compliment your facilities’ needs and operations even further.

Part of tailoring a solution to make your life easier is saving you time and money with one single supplier meeting ALL your procurement needs.

Companies that offer general solutions to suit the masses will never be able to meet your unique needs in one go. This is why many facilities will find themselves writing up orders to a handful of different suppliers making the whole process more complicated than it needs to be.

We’ve looked at how poor procurement is eating up your time, now how it’s eating up your budget.

When we look at the bigger picture we look at something called the true cost of procurement. This goes beyond what is written on your invoices. Our solutions lower this true, hidden cost by saving you the time and money on human resources and time.

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