Bathurst RSL

Read how we saved Miriam time allowing her to focus on the bigger problems at hand

Could you tell us a little about your organisation & its vision?

As the catering manager, my role is to ensure we have things on site when needed and within budget to support the smooth operation of the club.

What additional challenges has COVID19 presented to your organisation’s hygiene strategy?

We do have to be more conscious of Stock on hand – to ensure it is managed as efficiently as possible.

How did Veridia assist in addressing those challenges?

The way that Veridia stood out to me was their Replenishment Management system. This means that my rep Steve completes our stock take and ordering for us. It really saves me time and allows me to focus on the bigger problems at hand. The replenishment management system includes usage reviews for efficiency, and Veridia always ensure that they work in with the budget I have.

What has stood out to you most in your dealings with Veridia?

The thing that has stood out is the friendliness of the staff and the responsiveness of the team. Veridia will find solutions according to our needs, our Rep and the admin team are always quick to respond to our requests and they are prompt in the delivery of those solutions. Their service is consistent throughout the team – the delivery guys are exceptional.

Miriam Muldoon – Bathurst RSL

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